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Free EC-COUNCIL ECSAV10 exam practice questions q1-q13

Harold wants to set up a firewall on his network but is not sure which one would be the most appropriate. He knows he
needs to allow FTP traffic to one of the servers on his network, but he wants to only allow FTP-PUT. Which firewall
would be most appropriate for Harold?
A. Application-level proxy firewall
B. Data link layer firewall
C. Packet filtering firewall
D. Circuit-level proxy firewall
Correct Answer: A

An organization recently faced a cyberattack where an attacker captured legitimate user credentials and gained access
to the critical information systems. He also led other malicious hackers in gaining access to the information systems. To
defend and prevent such attacks in future, the organization has decided to route all the incoming and outgoing network
traffic through a centralized access proxy apart from validating user credentials.
Which of the following defensive mechanisms the organization is trying to strengthen?
A. Authentication
B. Serialization
C. Encryption
D. Hashing
Correct Answer: A

Robert is a network admin in XYZ Inc. He deployed a Linux server in his enterprise network and wanted to share some
critical and sensitive files that are present in the Linux server with his subordinates. He wants to set the file access
permissions using chmod command in such a way that his subordinates can only read/view the files but cannot edit or
delete the files.
Which of the following chmod commands can Robert use in order to achieve his objective?
A. chmod 666
B. chmod 644
C. chmod 755
D. chmod 777
Correct Answer: B

The framework primarily designed to fulfill a methodical and organized way of addressing five threat classes to network
and that can be used to access, plan, manage, and maintain secure computers and communication networks is:
A. Nortells Unified Security Framework
B. The IBM Security Framework
C. Bell Labs Network Security Framework
D. Microsoft Internet Security Framework
Correct Answer: C

James is an attacker who wants to attack XYZ Inc. He has performed reconnaissance over all the publicly available
resources of the company and identified the official company website http://xyz.com. He scanned all the pages of the
company website to find for any potential vulnerabilities to exploit. Finally, in the user account login page of the
company\\’s website, he found a user login form which consists of several fields that accepts user inputs like username
and password. He also found than any non-validated query that is requested can be directly communicated to the active
directory and enable unauthorized users to obtain direct access to the databases. Since James knew an employee
named Jason from XYZ Inc., he enters a valid username “jason” and injects “jason)(and))” in the username field. In the
password field, James enters “blah” and clicks Submit button. Since the complete URL string entered by James
becomes “(and (USER=jason)(and))(PASS=blah)),” only the first filter is processed by the Microsoft Active Directory,
that is, the query “(and(USER=jason)(and))” is processed. Since this query always stands true, James successfully logs
into the user account without a valid password of Jason. In the above scenario, identify the type of attack performed by
A. LDAP injection attack
B. HTML embedding attack
C. Shell injection attack
D. File injection attack
Correct Answer: B

Christen is a renowned SQL penetration testing specialist in the US. A multinational ecommerce company hired him to
check for vulnerabilities in the SQL database. Christen wanted to perform SQL penetration testing on the database by
entering a massive amount of data to crash the web application of the company and discover coding errors that may
lead to a SQL injection attack.
Which of the following testing techniques is Christen using?
A. Fuzz Testing
B. Stored Procedure Injection
C. Union Exploitation
D. Automated Exploitation
Correct Answer: A

Richard, a penetration tester was asked to assess a web application. During the assessment, he discovered a file
upload field where users can upload their profile pictures. While scanning the page for vulnerabilities, Richard found a
upload exploit on the website. Richard wants to test the web application by uploading a malicious PHP shell, but the
web page denied the file upload. Trying to get around the security, Richard added the `jpg\\’ extension to the end of the
The new file name ended with `.php.jpg\\’. He then used the Burp suite tool and removed the `jpg\\’\\’ extension from the
request while uploading the file. This enabled him to successfully upload the PHP shell.
Which of the following techniques has Richard implemented to upload the PHP shell?
A. Session stealing
B. Cookie tampering
C. Cross site scripting
D. Parameter tampering
Correct Answer: D

Michael, a penetration tester of Rolatac Pvt. Ltd., has completed his initial penetration testing and now he needs to
create a penetration testing report for company\\’s client, management, and top officials for their reference. For this, he
a report providing a detailed summary of the complete penetration testing process of the project that he has undergone,
its outcomes, and recommendations for future testing and exploitation.
In the above scenario, which type of penetration testing report has Michael prepared?
A. Host report
B. Activity report
C. User report
D. Executive report
Correct Answer: D

A framework is a fundamental structure used to support and resolve complex issues. The framework that delivers an
efficient set of technologies in order to develop applications which are more secure in using Internet and Intranet is:
A. Microsoft Internet Security Framework
B. Information System Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)
C. Bell Labs Network Security Framework
D. The IBM Security Framework
Correct Answer: A

Which one of the following 802.11 types uses either FHSS or DSSS for modulation?
A. 802.11b
B. 802.11a
C. 802.11n
D. 802.11-Legacy
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following roles of Microsoft Windows Active Directory refers to the ability of an active directory to transfer
roles to any domain controller (DC) in the enterprise?
A. Master Browser (MB)
B. Global Catalog (GC)
C. Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO)
D. Rights Management Services (RMS)
Correct Answer: C

An organization has deployed a web application that uses encoding technique before transmitting the data over the
Internet. This encoding technique helps the organization to hide the confidential data such as user credentials, email
attachments, etc. when in transit. This encoding technique takes 3 bytes of binary data and divides it into four chunks of
6 bits. Each chunk is further encoded into respective printable character.
Identify the encoding technique employed by the organization?
A. Unicode encoding
B. Base64 encoding
C. URL encoding
D. HTMS encoding
Correct Answer: B

What is the target host IP in the following command?
C:\> firewalk -F 80 -p UDP
A. Firewalk does not scan target hosts
C. This command is using FIN packets, which cannot scan target hosts
Correct Answer: A

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